About the Authors

All of the authors are specialists, bloggers, and onlne authorities in the financial sector in Canada.  All have real world personal experience on their subject matter, and all are expert at explaining their topic in a fashion that’s easy for the rest of ust to understand.

Krystal Yee. Krystal is the blogger behind GiveMeBackMyFiveBucks.  She is a professional writer with substantial media credits to her name.  Her blog takes readers on her journey from debt through to being debt free, including two stints at being unemployed. Krystal has received mention in MoneyVille, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, CTV, and many more publications.

Jim Yih.  Jim is the author of RetireHappy.ca.  He’s a popular and motivating speaker who consults with corporations to train their employees on their retirement planning needs.  Through his work Jim has become an expert at explaining the intricacies of RRSP’s, pensions, and investments to Canadians.  Jim has received mention in the Globe and Mail, Financial Post, CBC Radio, The Toronto Star, and many others.

Frugal Trader.  Frugal Trador, or FT is a typically Canadian family man and homeowner, with a difference.  Early on he set a goal to become a millionaire by the time he was 35.  He’s well on his way to that goal, and offers complete details of his journey on his blog MillionDollarJourney.com.  In his chapter, FT explains the concept of investing to produce an income.  Frugal Trader and his blog have received numerous mentions  in the Globe and Mail, Financial Post, National Post, Globe Investor, BNN, Toronto Star and Moneysense magazine.

Ram Balakrishnan. Ram is the author behind CanadianCapitalist.com. His blog is so popular and widely read that MoneySense magazine has rebranded his entire site in order to promote their brand. Ram’s an engineer, and like many engineers, he does his homework. He’s investigated and researched passive investing through the years and offers us his expertise on the subject. Rams’ blog is frequently mentioned in the Globe and Mail, Moneysense magazine, Toronto Star, National Post, Report on Business, and many others.

Glenn Cooke.  Glenn is a an independent life insurance broker and president of LifeInsuranceCanada.com. He specializes in life insurance online instead of the traditional ‘at your kitchen table’ sales approach.  As a result he has developed an educational approach to insurance rather than a marketing or sales approach. His chapter breaks life insurance down to it’s basics, removing the confusion and sales hype associated with the different products.  Glenn has received mention in the Globe and Mail, Moneysense Magazine, and CBC News.

Editor: Dan Bortolotti
Background: Dan is a renowned and award winning Canadian financial journalist. He is an editor-at-large at MoneySense and a contributing editor at Canadian Money Saver, and has written for many other Canadian magazines. Since 2010 he’s been the recipient of five National Magazine Award nominations. He’s also authored 9 books of his own, including his latest “Moneysense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio” which is not surprisingly, sold out until summer 2012.

Dan also writes on passive and index investing on his own blog at CanadianCouchPotato.com.